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At Chiltan Technologies, we have assembled a talented team of digital strategists, designers, developers, marketers, communications specialists, project managers and business developers to work in a collaborative manner on our client projects. We build on each other's expertise, working together in teams to generate great outcomes for projects.What makes our company great? That’s simple. It’s the people and the culture. The team members at Chiltan Technologies are some of the most creative, interesting and dedicated people you'll ever meet, exactly the kind of people you'd love to work with.

Chiltan Technologies was built on a philosophy of great people and great work.
In 2010, Najam Mazari made it his mission to create websites and digital solutions that would help grow businesses online. From day one, Chiltan Technologies has been dedicated to bringing together the most creative minds in the industry to deliver results-driven work for our clients. Over 5 years later, our core mission of being united, creative, curious, and committed is stronger than ever.
Big company experience, small company feel.
We take your business seriously, but don't take ourselves too seriously. We become close friends with our clients and forge family bonds among each other. We value the mutual, long-lasting respect that comes from doing business together and hope you do too.


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People have said nice things about Chiltan.
Why Us?

Lifetime Support

Our passion is to build and maintain
great websites for our clients. And we are here
to partner with you for the life of your
website, not just to make a quick buck.


Safe & Secure

We provide a safe and secure platform
for clients of all sizes to grow their businesses
knowing that help, advice and
support is always on hand.
If you are looking for the host
to grow your business with...
welcome aboard!



.We can design a website that caters
to your visitors with a user-friendly interface
and accessibility, and interactive applications
that ensure your visitors will have
a positive experience.

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